Pet Store Business Financing

Universal Cash Fund specializes in providing pet store business financing loans to pet store owners who have had difficulty obtaining funding from banks or other lenders. If your bank loan applications have been rejected due to bad credit, or for any other reason, our pet store business loans are a perfect alternative.

Pet Store Businesses Cash Advances can be used for:

  Remodeling or Expansion
  Increase cash flow for salaries and other needs
  Purchase business equipment, inventory and supplies
  Cover any of your business needs

How Merchant Cash Advances Differ from Business Loans?

Pet Store Business Financing  
Unlike traditional business loans, business cash advances are based on merchants' future credit card sales and do not require collateral or a personal guarantee. Our merchant advance program is available to businesses with good or bad credit. Because the cash advance is based on future credit card receivables, a good credit score is not required to be approved. Applying for a business cash advance takes just minutes and approval is typically granted in as little as 24 hours.

What can a Merchant Cash Advance be used for?

Merchants are free to use the money from their cash advances for anything they want. Our cash advances don't require a plan or that the funding is used for any specific purposes. Unlike other financing options available to businesses through banks and private lenders, the money can be used for absolutely anything. The merchant advance can be used for expansion or renovation, payroll, new equipment, business cash flow or anything you desire.

Does your business need cash fast?

Universal Cash Fund can provide funds in 7 days or less.
We are a leading provider of working capital to businesses on their future credit card processing sales. Universal Cash Fund is one of the only merchant cash advance providers in the country that can provide working capital on all credit card types including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Sell your future credit card transactions for cash today.

Concerned about your credit?

No problem. Universal Cash Fund has a 90% approval rate. Business with bad credit - OK.

Bad Credit Pet Store Loan

If you own a pet store and have bad personal credit, obtaining financing for your business can be even more challenging. Banks consider bad credit business loans extremely risky, these traditional loans are almost impossible to obtain.

Looking for Pet Store Funding?

When businesses need cash, we provide an alternative to a small business loan with our business cash advance program.

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