Small Business Financing

What are Merchant Cash Advances?

Universal Cash Fund gives you an opportunity to leverage the greatest untapped asset you have... your future sales! The concept is simple. Universal Cash Fund will pay you for your future credit card transactions up front. As transactions roll in we get paid back with a small fixed % of those daily Credit Card receipts....

Looking For Small Business Financing?

If you are a company looking to expand, modernize, grow or just maintain your business and are processing more than $2,500 per month in credit card sales for at least 6 months, you are eligible to receive small business financing in the form of an unsecured business cash advance. A business cash advance is a hassle free solution...

Looking For Financing For Your Restaurant?

Universal Cash Fund has a special cash advance program for restaurants allowing you to receive up to $500,000 in working capital per restaurant location within 7 days. With our restaurant financing program we will purchase a small percentage of your future credit card sales until the payback is ...