Small Business Financing Made Simple through Bank Only ACH Programs

SUMMARY: Offering business owners the opportunity to leverage future sales, offers unsecured merchant cash advance programs for small business and restaurant financing.

In an ailing economy, cash advances have become one of the more explored solutions for small business financing needs. The recent scenarios demonstrating the credit crunch compel business owners to turn to the merchant cash advance industry, which essentially became a viable alternative source of operating capital that kept many small businesses in the United States afloat. is a New York-based company that specializes in offering ways for small businesses to expand, modernize, grow or just maintain business through merchant cash advance. Departing from other financing options, the program allows borrowers to use the funds for practically any purpose, whether to expand, purchase equipment and supplies, renovate or for payroll.

In a simple and straightforward arrangement, will pay for future credit card transactions up front. As transactions roll in, it gets paid back with a small fixed percentage of those daily Credit Card receipts. offers the Small Business Financing program for businesses that rakes in $2,500 in credit card sales per month for at least 6 months or $5000 per month in bank deposits for at least 6 months. Owners of automotive business;
Hotel and Motel Business; bar and nightclub; Internet Business; Beauty Salon and Spa; optical store; pet store and kennel; wine, liquor or party store; dentistry business; real estate business; dry cleaning business; restaurant, floral shop, retail store, franchise business; seasonal business; furniture business; shoe store; gas station; taxi and limousine business; home-based business; or cellular store have the opportunity to qualify for the program.

The Restaurant Cash Advance Program, on the other hand, allows restaurant owners to receive up to $250,000 in working capital per restaurant location within 7 days – with no fixed payment schedule. The company is able to advance up to 1.5 times the monthly credit card sales volume and/or bank deposit volume. At, nearly all merchant cash advance applications get 90% approval rate.

Entrepreneurs that seek small business funding to start or advance their ventures can visit to learn more about the program details.


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